• Full Bore Marine Breakaway Couplings

Full Bore Marine Breakaway Couplings

The KLAW Full Bore Marine Breakaway Coupling is the only product of its kind in the world that provides double valve
100% instantaneous shut-off and is suitable for viscous and abrasive media transfers.

KLAW Full Bore Coupling

The World’s first Breakaway Coupling to be specifically developed for service with dry powder, viscous or abrasive media.

Specifically designed for the marine environment 

But typically utilized for cement, bitumen, mud and waste products.

Full unrestricted flow

This unique design offers full unrestricted media transfer.


With a full unrestricted media path, this coupling offers the benefit of being able to “pig” the transfer line without removal from service.

100% shut off

Provides instantaneous 100% double shut off when a predetermined tensile load is applied.

No clogging or abrasion

With the working mechanisms completely isolated from the media until activation, the function is not affected by clogging or abrasion from the media.