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  • Pan & Tilt units with feedback

Pan & Tilt units with feedback

Dual axis pan & tilt with position
feedback and optional RS-485 control to
remotely orient camera systems, acoustic
equipment, and other instrumentation.
Two of these available on stock with 24VDC.

The unparalleled reliability of the PT-10-FB is due
in part to its rugged construction. Housings and
machined components are made of corrosion
resistant, hard-anodized aluminum. All external
hardware is made of stainless steel for deep water
or hazardous environment applications.
The PT-10-FB provides 13.56 N-m (10 lb-ft) @5º/s
of output torque on each axis. Heavy-duty ball
bearings supporting the output shaft allow it to
accommodate heavier payloads up to 25 pounds.
The drive train for each axis of the pan & tilt uses
either a reversible synchronous motor or a
brushless stepper motor coupled to low backlash
gearing. The rugged design of the gear train
allows stalling of either output shaft without
damage to the gears or the motors.

This positioner is equipped with internal limit
switches (not available on the RS 485 units) and
position feedback potentionmeters on both
axes.  The potentiometers sense pan and tilt
orientation angles for display at the remote
control station.

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