• SeaLED 300 high output subsea LED panel

SeaLED 300 high output subsea LED panel

The SeaLED 300 is a high output subsea LED panel for ROV and inspection points. Fitted with the latest quality LED’ s producing increased lifespan compared to the traditional Halogen and HID lights.
SeaLED 300 can be delivered with different lens angles and the light output is easily regulated from 0-100% with either Triac, 0-10V DC or RS232 and RS485.


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ROV Tools
Input Power: 200W (=600W Halogen)
Light output: 15,000 Lumen
Light temperature: 3,200K
Light beam angle: 40° or 25°
Light regulation area: 0-100%
Regulation: Triac, 0-10V DC, RS 232 and RS 485
Housing: Hard anodised aluminium
LED array life expectancy: 50,000 hours
Dimensions ex. con: 108x196x61mm
Weight: 2.50/ 1.30kg
Depth Rating: 3,000msw
Power: 110V AC
Standard Connector: RMG-3-BLL or optional
Temperature protected: Yes

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